Burger Wellington 2012

Burger Wellington 2012.

Ladies and Gentlemen, gastronomes, burger aficionados, welcome, welcome, welcome. A thousand times welcome, in fact.

Welcome to a Burger odyssey. A Burger Olympics, even. Come on with me – let’s get Absolutely Burgered…

My name is Jeremy Taylor. For the past year I have written a food blog on stuff.co.nz called The Omnivore.

I have no qualifications for writing a food blog, other than a surfeit of opinions when it comes to what’s good to eat, and a genuine curiosity and desire to learn more about what to eat; how to cook, where to go, food from other cultures, and so forth. I am very interested in what other people think about food, and in sharing my own experiences with food and eating.

I love food. And I love burgers. Being asked to blog about Burger Wellington is something of a dream come true for a guy like me. Too much of a good thing? Perhaps. We’ll have to see.

Look, let’s face it – a burger is basically a sandwich, isn’t it? Meat, bread, salad, sauces. I may forgo eating all the accompanying chips, but I am essentially there to gain an overall impression, so I will have to eat most of them.

For the past couple of years, your blog-guide for Burger Wellington has been female. The ladies have done their bit over the last couple of years, but it’s now time to see how a bloke will fare. I’m totally up for it. I have been training hard for this event. This is my Burger Olympics, and I’m in it to win it.

Over the next few weeks, I will be eating at least a burger a day, sometimes two, God help me. Some of them will contain beef and cheese. Some of them will contain ostrich. Or lambs’ brains. Or tongue. I will be eating them, along with an esteemed guest for each burger, to temper my wilder flights of fancy, and reporting back to you, dear burger lover.

My burger-dining guests will be primarily people who have featured in various episodes of The Omnivore blog. They are people whose palates I trust, whether they are from the world of food or music (my two main fields of interest, although I am looking for a home for my rugby writing aspirations…), and I will be taking them with me by way of saying thanks for their help thus far (and to make me feel less like a lonely, friendless, burger-gobbling weirdo).

I am going to eat as many burgers as is humanly possible in that time window. I am going to assess each of them objectively. I will take pictures (badly). I want delicious meat, well-balanced sauces and accompaniments, and an empathetic bun. I want the ratio of meat, to filling, to sauce, to bun to take on some sort of mystical, perfect quality. I want these burgers to be transcendent. And – I will atone for my burger excess by swimming more lengths at the pool. You have my word.

Burger Wellington 2011 winner David Thurlow Cafe PoloI hope you will gain some amusement from my travails, and please feel free to comment along the way – hopefully, I will give you some ideas as to which of the plethora of burgers on offer I feel are worthy of your hard-won burger dollar.

Your vote will ultimately decide who makes it to final judging, although I will also be involved in the final judging of Burger Wellington at the conclusion of Visa Wellington On A Plate.

I hope I am not cowed by the almighty burger by that time…

[Pictured: Burger Wellington 2011 winner David Thurlow of Cafe Polo, Miramar]



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So great to see my favourite stuff blog writer writing my favourite blog of the year! if you need a burger companion from a young wellington on a plate fanatic Jeremy, I'm your girl!

By liz, 9 August 2012


Hi Jeremy. First, good luck on the burger a day quest. I can't think of a better food stuff to do that with as you'll get variety and quality throughout.
I have to ask though, what are your thoughts on the "open" or "deconstructed" burger? I tend to think of these as cheating on the part of the chef. For me, the burger is the ultimate convenience food and if you can't pick it up with your hands, it is no longer a burger - just meat and bread.
Eating a burger with a knife and fork used to be the preserve of older generations or the OCD sufferer. What has changed?
Cheers, Adrian

By Adrian Thompson, 9 August 2012


Wow sounds brilliant, need a fellow taster? haha. Looking forward to your feedback

By Jon, 9 August 2012


Can you recommend a cple of BEST burger eateries other than McDs please.

By miichy, 9 August 2012


My hat is off to you good sir. If I see you at the pool (Fryberg?) I will give you special dispensation if you seem a tad sluggish. If you require the American perspective on one of your burger sampling expeditions, I volunteer my pallet. Bon burgertite!

By Michael McKay, 9 August 2012


Hi Jeremy,

As per #1 Jon, if you need a fellow taster/critiquer I am more than happy to help you out :) Also will you be taking any before and after photos/measurements to see how your burger fortnight affects your waistline? Would be interesting to hear about your journey!

By LP, 10 August 2012


Jeremy, good luck on your quest to find wellingtons best burger. Looking forward to the updates.

By The Hamburglar, 10 August 2012


Just had the burger at the portlander-cold, dry buns, average patty....disappointed. Interesting to see what you think.

By Judy, 11 August 2012


Hi guys,
Thanks for your comments and support.
Am pleased that you see this as a noble quest, rather than just being repulsed by my gluttony...
Afraid my burger dance card is full with regard to burger dates, but do come and say giddaye if you see me chowing down - I don't bite (am quite well-fed at the moment!)
And Adrian - I have no problems with the constructed, or the de-constructed burger. Remember - what I am always looking for is next-level burger transcendence - for the food to exceed the sum of its' parts.
Happy chomping everyone - hope you are finding my musings helpful/entertaining...

By Jeremy T., 16 August 2012


The best place to visit after jimmyhulas of orlando

By Jimmyhulas, 22 December 2012

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