Held every Saturday night from 10 to 3 in the elegant surrounds of Chow Tory, just down Forresters Lane, CHOW DWN is an oasis of musical and cultural sophistication. The brainchild of local hospitality good guy Matt Yardley, Gold As Gold fashion store owner Ruben Bryant and respected Wellington DJ/Event promoter Marek, CHOW DWN is for the punter who has already done their time in the nightclub trenches and wants a little more from their weekend experience. Quality music, fantastic drinks and service, and a clubhouse vibe where everybody knows your name. If you’re one of those people who  is down with contemporary culture, but perhaps really feel your age when you go out raving, this is a place for you and your friends.

Simply heading down Forresters Lane and being greeted at the door by superstar bouncer Big Jay, or one of his peers, captures a backstreet bar vibe which many of you will have experienced in Melbourne, East Village or Soho. And if you’re one of those people who still smokes (not that we condone smoking at Word On The Street), the outside Hole-In-The-Wall bar is there for you.

Inside, cocktails are two for one and Marek is at the turntables. Cycling through a mixture of indie rock, disco, rap, house and beyond, at CHOW DWN, Marek plays music with lasting depth, not spur of the moment jams to satisfy the week’s radio charts and blog posts. Regularly joined by friends, as a guy who has spent more than a minute sound tracking Wellington drinking sessions, it’s obvious he’s getting a real kick out of getting to go deeper.

Some of the crowd are dancing, some sit sharing drinks and tapas. The odd celebrity might be in the building, and perhaps a few models (of both gender). Enthusiastic music dudes stand next to the DJ booth asking Marek what he is playing, and the odd complete random wanders around, not bothering nobody.

Wellington has been asking for a club night like this for more than a minute, and now we have it. And best of all, it’s free entry!



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