I WE’RE THEM – Everyone Loves A Garage Sale

I WE’RE THEM – Everyone Loves A Garage Sale.

It can always be a bit tricky figuring out what to do on a Sunday. Do you get proactive and go for a drive somewhere? Do you stay home and do your best impression of a couch-potato? There are, of course, a few variables. Namely the weather, the strength of your hangover, and whether there is anything going on that is worth getting out of your slobbish Sunday attire and taking a stroll into town.

Good news, chaps, I’ve got you covered this weekend. This Sunday, at 30 Ghuznee Street, opposite Quilters Bookstore, there is a groovy garage sale being held. I love a good garage sale – who doesn’t? – because you never know what you might find, and this one promises to be a goody.

It’s being held by a local artist collective called I WE’RE THEM. I got to have a chat with one of the artists involved, the lovely Jade Townsend, and asked her what it was all about.

“It’s effectively just a normal garage sale, but with art and other things. A way to be active in the space, an opportunity to have people outside of our usual network interact with the space and see our work, and also a cool way to raise some money for paint and upkeep materials. It’s important for us that we’re always doing new things and trying new things too – and going about them in a conceptual way.”

That ladies and gents is what they call; in a nutshell.

Jade believes that a good emerging artists collective is something that is missing in Wellington at the mo, and she is keen to make more people aware of the space. As well as her good self, there will be trinkets and artwork on sale from these talented chaps and chappettes:

Kate Adolph
Tom Mackie
Mica Still
Ed. Bats
Daniel Foothead
Jon Drypnz

So don’t be shy, get out there and mix up your Sunday! Go and get a bit of local art and culture all up in you.

What’s more, nothing on sale is over $100! You might come away with something you love, and at the same time you’re helping out our local talent, and ensuring that they can keep doing their thing.

Wellington is the coolest little capital for a reason, you know.



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Hey Joe, I notice you did the Massey comms degree. Would you reccomend this degree? What were your majors and minors? Sorry to comment not about your blog!

By Rhiannon Beavan, 28 January 2013


Hey Rhiannon! Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Yeah, it was an awesome degree! I majored in Expressive Arts which was just LOADS of writing and was great. Travel writing, autobiographical, writing for kids, short fiction etc. I really recommend it. Not so much the marketing communications papers...

By Joe, 6 February 2013

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