Lullaby of Birdland

Lullaby of Birdland.

The name alone conjures the image of a classic, quirky boutique store that Cuba Street seems to collect, and when you step inside Lullaby of Birdland you’re not disappointed.

The gals in Lullaby have done a cracking job of unifying two key Wellington pastimes, namely, drinking coffee and vintage shopping. I’m not a big shopper – I’m the sort of chap who likes to be in and out like a ninja in the night, whereas my girlfriend will happily touch everything in store for an hour and then declare that she didn’t bring her wallet anyway – but browsing in Lullaby is just so relaxing.

There are quite a few vintage shops in Wellington, which isn’t surprising, what with all those trendy boho-chic cats out there. L.O.B has filled a niche in the marketplace however, concentrating on American vintage.

Having recently spent a month in California, there was a certain feeling of nostalgia walking into Lullaby. Their selection comprises Wrangler shirts (of which I’m particularly partial), varsity jackets, t-shirts from such U.S institutions as Disney and Harley Davidson, mean old-school leather jackets reminiscent of those rocked by a younger, slimmer Travolta, and many more treasures beside. Looking around evoked memories of vintage stores on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood and Height-Ashbury in San Francisco, and surely that’s what a store like this is all about.

Lullaby is also unmistakably Wellington-ish inside too, though. The fact that you can sit and have a long black (courtesy of Wellington’s very own Flight Coffee) and a muffin or baked potato – whilst the missus walks ever so slowly around, exclaiming over sixties-style dresses and touching boots and buying nothing – is great.

“We’re trying to create a really laidback, friendly vibe to shop in. We’d love for our customers to be able to sit down and have a cuppa with us after having a shop around,” Manager, Mon tells me, offering me the complimentary jaffa jar I’ve been eyeing up.

So, if you feel your closet is bereft of a Minnie Mouse jumper or you fancy a Six Barrel Soda, swing by Lullaby of Birdland, 209 Cuba Street. There are definitely worse places to take the old ball and chain.



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Yeeeeeeeeeah woop

By Kura, 20 September 2012


fantastic piece here Joe, particularly enjoyed the part about the baked potato.
must pop in and check it out

By Ben, 20 September 2012


Grab a brownie while you're at it. They'll knock your socks off

By Joe, 25 September 2012

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