Music in Wellington in January: A quick overview

Music in Wellington in January: A quick overview.

Hi everybody! Happy New Year, Bonne année, Feliz año nuevo,  新年快了!, Ngā mihi o te Tau Hou, Manuia le Tausaga Fou and so on! I hope you all had, or are continuing to have a good holiday break. We have an interesting range of musical events happening in the capital over the course of January, so I thought I might kick things off by giving you the cliffsnotes on some of what is coming up.

Friday the 11th Jan, Action Bronson, San Francisco Bath House, TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE.

An Albanian American rapper from New York, Action Bronson is one of the more colorful personalities to emerge from the East Coast of the US in recent years. Formerly a respected fire-flame gourmet chef, he brings a degree of food terminology to his entertaining songs, and alongside his rap career hosts an online cooking show, Action In The Kitchen.

Monday the 14th of Jan, Mike Noga (of The Drones), Bar Bodega, TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE.

Drummer to The Drones and a few other elite Australian bands, Melbourne’s Mike Noga is also a competent folk singer/songwriter, guitarist and harmonica player. This month he is touring New Zealand with American rockers Band Of Horses and decided to fit a couple of sideshows in as well. This is one of them.

Tuesday the 15th of Jan, Band Of Horses, The Opera House, TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE.

Within the contemporary American rock scene, Seattle’s Band Of Horses are one of the giants. Four albums into their career, they’ve built an international reputation for their beautifully bruised take on classic rock and roll. Catch them at The Opera House in this highly anticipated show.

Wednesday the 16th of Jan, Woods, Mighty Mighty, TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE.

Aesthetically lo-fi, Brooklyn, New York folk rock band Woods underpin their cassette tape style recordings with a sturdy sense of melody. Contrasting campfire style songs with sound collages and noise interludes, their five album output, while fringe, is more accessible than one might expect. Their singer/guitarist and founder Jeremy Earl also runs the respected label Woodsist.

Thursday the 24th of Jan, Dirty Projectors, San Francisco Bath House, TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE.

Deep down an art rock lane that people seem to either love, or consider purposefully inaccessible, Brooklyn New York six piece Dirty Projectors have been one of the “it” bands of the last decade. Riding off the back of their seventh full length album, they’re headed back through New Zealand for a couple of shows. The last time they came here they impressed with their complex vocal arrangements. This one should be great as well.



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Nice timing! I was just wondering what to go to, when. Cheers, Martyn.

By Sarah, 9 January 2013


i am big fan of new zealand cricket team and music. Did new ealand cricket team follow the music?

By rox, 15 January 2013

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