Roll Out the Red Carpet for Light House Cinema Cuba

Roll Out the Red Carpet for Light House Cinema Cuba.

This Summer… a new cinematic experience is coming to Wellington… actually, it arrived on October 19th, but still, it’ll be here this Summer… On Wigan Street, opposite Havana Bar… a new competitor in visual entertainment… has risen…

Now, I hope all of you adopted that classic guy’s voice that voices all the trailers, because that might make that opener just a little more entertaining, a little funnier and a little bit more relevent.

Ladies and gents, Light House Cinema Cuba has opened up on Wigan Street and the other day I got to head down there and revel in the full cinematic experience.

I was particularly excited about this because, let me tell you, I LOVE the movies. I try to go into the places that I blog about with no expectations and a totally open mind, but it was tricky this time. I know the sort of experience that I want when I go to catch a flick. If anything goes wrong and detracts from that experience then I find it hard to forgive. We are paying a decent sum to get that movie magic after all.

My first impressions of Lighthouse Cinema when I walked in? Cosy. Cosy and somehow trustworthy. It’s a wee cinema with just the three screens, the biggest of which seats seventy-five. There’s a chilled out upstairs lounge where you can enjoy a pre- or post-movie coffee or snack, the counter and a few tables in the foyer area.  I caught up with Kailey, the lovely lady who runs the place.

“We’re going for a more intimate feel,” she tells me as she gives me the tour. “We’re screening a selection of blockbusters – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, of course – but also focusing a lot on arthouse movies.”

With this she shows me into Cinema Two where the girlfriend and I are going to be watching Killing Them Softly, the new Brad Pitt gangster flick. I was stoked to see that they have gone for the sofa option at Light House, none of this stuffy identical seat business. The first word that sprung to mind when I walked in was “plush”.

“You can hire screens out for parties and stuff like that,” Kailey whispers to me. No one is in the cinema at the moment, but it’s like a library, anything over a whisper is just weird. She also tells me that if you have enough people you can hire the whole place out and they’ll play the movie of your choice on all the screens simultaneously! I think that’s great!

“We can also do advance screenings,” Kailey says. “We even just bought our very own red carpet!”

I’m suddenly visited by visions of throwing a soiree with all my mates in tuxedos and dresses.

“Awesome,” I say dreamily.

After that, the better half and I were left to grab some treats and settle ourselves into one of the nice, cushiony two-seater sofas.

Just a quick note about the treats at Lighthouse. Due to the lovely new sofas and carpets and what not at the cinema, and the fact that they want to keep them as pristine as possible for as long as they can, they do not supply popcorn. This may upset some people. It doesn’t me. This is because I think that those individuals who insist on scratching around at the bottom of their popcorn buckets for that last mangy kernel during the closing moments of a movie need to be hung, drawn and quartered Braveheart style.

Also, you can grab a beer or wine to take  into the movie, so there’s really nothing to be glum about.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Lighthouse Cinema Cuba. The coffee was good, the atmosphere relaxed and the movie pretty great too.

The girlfriend, bless her for being a team player and not leaving me to be one of those sad looking chaps sitting on their own, fell asleep within the first fifteen minutes. I’m still unsure whether it was due to her lack of enthusiasm for anything that isn’t a rom-com, or a testament to the comfortableness of those sofas.


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Wow, another lovely cinema to enjoy all those wonderful movies over the summer festive season with family

By Karen Green, 1 November 2012


Designer movie theatres are so cool - they make you feel special (romantic too!) and its a real experience way beyond just the movie - the lighthouse sounds brill!!

By Jenny Toso, 2 November 2012


Can't wait to visit it. Saves driving out to the one in Petone:)

By Charlene Hillyard, 3 November 2012


I loved this cinema too. My partner "dragged me" (ha ha) along to see James Bond and we really enjoyed the experience. The little raspberry and rhubarb tarts were yum!

By Raewyn, 10 January 2013

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