Street art doco screening

Street art doco screening.

What do you get when you combine an interest in New Zealand’s street art scene and a 4,000km road trip?

A documentary called Dregs which features interviews with 19 artists and their varyingly legal artworks, that’s what.

This is a up close and personal view of a movement that is largely underground and frequently under the cover of darkness.

Yet the pieces which these artists create are viewed and enjoyed by anyone. They add a vibrant and dynamic layer to an impersonal urban landscape dominated by corporate advertising.

The team behind the film are Karl Sheridan and Cinzah Merkens, who worked on this project for 14 months, thanks to crowd-sourced funding and a deep rooted passion for the genre.

“Dregs are your leftovers. The end of your coffee, the end of a bottle of wine, the end of a paint can,” explains Merkens, “It is the stereotypical view of an aerosol artist. Many people think of them as the dregs of society, the scum of the art world.”

“Just because these guys have aerosol cans and wear masks while they’re spraying, people are automatically suspicious,” says Sheridan,

“We wanted to show the artists are not just people you pass on the street – they’ve got kids, they’ve got jobs.”

These two scoured the country to met with artists who’ve made a name for themselves outside of the traditional gallery, and to interview them in their studio spaces.

You can view the trailer online to get a taste of what’s coming. There’s plenty of Wellington favourites to be spied in the clip, from GHSTIE with his triple-eyed cartoony creatures to duo BMD with their large scale murals.

Get in touch with the Dregs team if you’d like to come along to the screening, 10pm Saturday 24 November at the Paramount Cinema, followed by an afterparty at the same venue.

The limited edition DVD will be released the following week on 26th November.

Photo credit: Cinzah Merkens and Karl Sheridan.



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