Taking it trans-tasman

Taking it trans-tasman.

Wellington’s Richter City Roller Derby are about to enter their third competitive season… and they’re starting it big.

On March 19 at the TSB Arena the Richter City Allstars will be facing their first ever international opponents: the Sydney Assassins, who are the travel team for the Sydney Roller Derby League and were Australian Eastern Region Champions in 2010.

This is the first trans-tasman bout for the Assassins as well, so both teams will have something to prove – but Richter City will be particularly hungry for a victory, coming out of their controversial defeat by Auckland’s Pirate City Rollers in December.

If you’ve never been to a roller derby bout before, this one should be an excellent introduction – these two teams are selected from the best players of their respective leagues. It’s a wise idea to bone up on the basics beforehand though so you’ve got some idea what’s going on; it can seem a little complicated at first. And consider showing the local team some love – the ideal way is by wearing Richter City colours (purple and orange) or by making them a sign. Some signage and costume efforts at previous bouts have been particularly impressive; this town never turns down the chance for a bit of a dress-up, after all.

The bout also comes smack in the middle of (and is presented in association with) the Wellington Outgames 2011, so if your taste in sport runs a little wider than just the Super 14, Tri-Nations and (deep breath) the Rugby World Cup then March is a good month for you.

Tickets to the the Richter City vs. Sydney City bout are $13 and on sale now.



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