The Pickle Sessions – Fridays at Pickle Eating House & Bar

The Pickle Sessions – Fridays at Pickle Eating House & Bar.

As you may or may not know, Pan De Muerto, the Mexican Restaurant that used to sit on the corner of Kent Terrace and Majoribanks Street at the end of Courtney Place was recently replaced by Pickle Eating House & Bar. With Pan De Muerto currently in the process of relocating to Tory Street, Pickle Eating House & Bar steps away from Nachos, quesadillas and burritos, focusing on tapas style short and long plates, sliders (read: mini burgers), dogs (read: fancy hot dogs and falafel dogs) and a selection of snacks, sides and deserts, all dovetailing together through a fusion food aesthetic which comes so close to not making sense it actually makes sense.

Open from 4pm till late seven days a week, on Friday nights from 9-11 (maybe a bit later) they’re running this new concept evening called The Pickle Sessions and I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to play host this coming Friday night. Essentially, The Pickle Sessions is based around asking musicians, music writers, promoters and other people involved in the music (and perhaps wider entertainment) industry to come down and play some music for a couple of hours while people eat and drink. The key however, and there is a key, is they want the host to play the sort of music they listen to at home, or music they might not normally have the chance to present in public.

What does that mean for me though? Well at the moment it is looking like rare old blues songs you probably think Drake or Gil Scott-Heron wrote, modern electronic music with a tribal edge from South America, Turkish post rock, a few memorable film soundtrack songs, African house, Australian psychedelica, some music from Morocco and a whole bunch of other weird and wonderful sequences of sound.

I’ll be there having dinner with friends beforehand. Feel free to drop by for a drink and food, to check out some tunes, or even just to say hello before you embark on your evening in earnest. In whatever capacity you can roll on by, it would be nice to see you. Nice to see you, nice.



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