WEEKLY WELLINGTON MUSIC NEWS 05/11/2012 – 11/11/2012

WEEKLY WELLINGTON MUSIC NEWS 05/11/2012 – 11/11/2012.

During 2011 and the first couple of months of  this year I wrote a weekly Wellington music news column for a national street press rag named Volume. Volume has been defunct for several months now. However, I really enjoyed putting that news column together, so this week, like I did a couple of weeks ago I thought that I might pen one for you all to read. After all, it’s an easy way to kill a lot of birds with a lot of stones, and no actual killing involved at all.

Not only did we have fireworks on Monday night, we also had concerts from Mumford & Sons and The Black Keys. After their respective shows both acts ended up at The Matterhorn. Mumford & Sons horn section had an improv jam session with Lisa Tomlins, Riki Gooch and The Lindsays. Later on The Black Keys took control of the DJ booth and selected the music for the rest of the night. You had to be there.

Excellent Dunedin noise refugees turned Wellington residents Psychic Maps play at Mighty Mighty on Thursday night with Sum Tram Tigers. 10 PM kickoff and $5 on the door. This is the final show on a tour they’ve been doing, so it should be a goodie.

The Craig Terris Band, Sam Scott and Rod Farnsham play at the San Francisco Bath House on Friday night. 8pm kickoff time and $10 entry on the door. Craig Terris will be releasing a new album soon and this your chance to get a preview ahead of the pack. File under: understated but awesome. Famous internet food critic Jeremy Taylor will be playing as part of The Craig Terris Band on the night. You might remember him from the time he ate all of the burgers.

New Zealand psychedelic techno auteur Tlaotlon, drone and vocal loop pedal princess Foxtrot and a special guest headliner play at Puppies on Saturday Night. 9pm kickoff and $10 entry. This should be a pretty incredible show, Tlaotlon’s music is unlike anything else you will hear locally. Beyond that, it’s perhaps unlike anything you will hear anywhere else in the world.

Porirua soul singer Aaradhna will soon release her gorgeous new album Treble & Reverb. You can stream the record over at the NZ Herald website HERE.

Nigerian English “True Soul” music poet Bohemian Thought plays at the Southern Cross Bar on Saturday night. 10 pm start time and free entry. For a wild eyed journey into spoken world mixed with afrobeat and reggae, this guy is the ticket.

Respected contemporary jazz combo The Troubles play at Meow on Sunday night. 8pm start and free entry. What a great way to round off your weekend. Meow has some lovely small plate menu items as well if you want a nibble with sweet music playing.



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