Meredith is a freelance graphic designer and writer; and general Wellington creative busy-body. She is a gallery, festival, workshop regular of all things arty, tutors design at Victoria University and works in Publications and Media at Enjoy Gallery.

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Pete's been around. He's lived in a lot of places. But Welllington is definitely home. Stick around and he'll tell you why - whether you like it or not. He's previously spent a hard knock decade in the hospitality industry serving you and yours at various Wellington institutions including The White House Restaurant, Logan Brown, and the sorely missed Copita. He was also a stand up comedian for a bit, so it will probably be entertaining. Join him and marvel at how charming and adorable Wellington is, and how those qualities are mirrored in Pete.

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Sarah is the General Manager, Marketing at Positively Wellington Tourism and also Festival Co-Director of Wellington's annual culinary celebration, Visa Wellington On a Plate. Sarah grew up in a 'hospo family' and as such, an interest in food is in her blood.

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Jeremy Taylor has three great loves; food, music, and rugby. He is brilliant at eating, tolerable at singing, and terrible at rugby. None of these facts stop him from having very strong opinions about each of them... especially when it comes to burgers.

Jeremy has stepped up to the plate for Burger Wellington, the annual battle of the buns where over 60 of our finest eateries prove their creativity with the humble patty. He is... Absolutely Burgered.

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As a recent Massey Communications graduate, Joe Coates has been delighted to learn that he can use his passion for shopping, gorging himself and writing to make himself useful... hopefully.

Being a student for the past four and a half years (it was three year course, but the lure of South East Asia proved irresistable) has given him a keen eye for those hidden gems that lurk in all opshops. He likes nothing better than spending his days trawling through vintage shops, finding bargains that he can actually afford, or gazing wistfully into the windows of the more trendy shops where he couldn't afford even if he were to sell a kidney.

He also loves popping into Wellington's little cafes and restaurants, trying out the coffee and snacks, and chatting inanely to staff and strangers.

It can be a hard life sometimes, but someone's got to do it.


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Victoria University graduate & self-professed Jacqueline of all trades, mistress of some. Amanda is a sartorial photographer & writer, seldom seen without a camera at her side. She's a fan of Asian horror, whole food, good coffee, and fights the good fight for fashion - every day.


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Greta, a born and bred Wellingtonian, is in her final semester of a Communications degree at Massey. A passionate writer, she has been doing amateur café and restaurant reviews for years and is pleased to now have a reason for her outrageous coffee/ wine/ eating obsession. Being a Wellingtonian, Greta likes a good coffee and a good atmosphere. She loves chatting to waiters, sales assistants, other patrons, strangers… so don’t be shy!


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Digging around for one-off bargains is Bel's favourite kind of shopping, but with an interrogator's light shining in her eyes, she will admit, yes, she even enjoys supermarket shopping.

Nothing lifts her heart like that red SALE sign in a shop window, except perhaps the thrill of clicking "Add to Shopping Basket". Her nose for a bargain battles with her magpie-eye tendencies, which may explain the strange look on her face each pay day.

Bel blogs about shopping and style.


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Jarrod is one half of Billy T Award winning musical comedy act Mrs. Peacock and the sole member of non-award-winning and mostly non-musical comedy act Jarrod Baker. When not doing comedy he has been known to act, write, be on the radio, make webcomics, and tend to his menagerie of chickens and cats.

Jarrod blogs about comedy (obviously), theatre and film.


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Martyn Pepperell is a Wellington based music, arts and culture writer, radio host, DJ, copywriter and creative consultant.

Martyn is a contributing editor at Vanguard Red Magazine. He also writes a monthly music column for Fishhead Magazine, a weekly Wellington music blog for, and a weekly local new music spotlight for

Martyn hosts two regular radio spots on Radio Active 88.6 FM, Unofficial Channels (8.15am-9am on Fridays) and Everything Time (once a month on Tuesday from 9-11pm). He also hosts a weekly new music segment called Pepperell's Pick Of Next Week on RDU 98.5 FM (Wednesday mornings at 9.15am) and a weekly fresh New Zealand artist showcase on Kiwi FM (4.30pm on Monday afternoon).

Outside of these engagements Martyn also freelances for North & South, Idealog, NZ Musician, Red Bull Sound Select, Red Bull Studios, Wellington Woman and His work has also appeared in City Voice, Groove Guide, Pulp, UNO, ATM (UK), Red Bull Daily Notes (EU),, Critic,, The Lumiere Reader, The Press, The Kiwi Diary and numerous other magazines, newspapers and websites.

In 2013 he penned the local music pages of the fifth edition of Bennett & Slater's Best Of Wellington guide book.

In the past Martyn has also provided music related commentary for Nightline (TV3), Radio New Zealand, Radio One, George FM, Base FM, and BFM.

Martyn blogs mainly about music, dance and art.


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From his first ever job dishwashing at the Brer Fox café (now French fine diner Le Canard) at age 15, to reviewing restaurants and bars in The Dominion Post, Nick Churchouse has seen, sampled and served a fair wedge of Wellington fare. Battle-hardened at The Southern Cross in his uni holidays, raised on tales of rowdy dinners at the Green Parrot, and having worked in many an establishment since, he has been checking in and out of Wellington’s kitchens, dining rooms and drinking halls for 20 years. It's a hard job but ... actually no it's not.

Nick blogs about the good things in life - eating and drinking.


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Sarah Bennett was Word on the Street's food writer 2008–14. She and Lee Slater produce the 100% independent, advert-free guide, The Best of Wellington (, is now in its 5th edition, and are authors of numerous other books and articles including Lonely Planet New Zealand. You can find Sarah @BennettnSlater,, and TeamBenter on Instagram.

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Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger.

Occasionally we'll have a Wellington personality blogging about their insider tips and the things they love about the capital of cool.

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A love of Wellington, music, art, theatre and all things creative motivated this young wannabe-hipster to write for Texture (the old Word on the Street) for over a year.

But alas, Karyn has broken the shackles of her bureaucratic nine-to-fiver and relocated to Auckland to kick around in a different neighbourhood with her audacious dachshund Wolfgang.

We've still kept some of her awesome blogs though.

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Darren used to write for Texture (the old Word on the Street) being the man about town. From break-dancing Euro-Cubans to High Tea at Martha’s Pantry, if it was in the least bit interesting, he was there to write about it.

He has now moved into other areas of the media but we've still got some of his great blogs and he'll be around doing the odd review from time to time.

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Tina is a know-it-all about Wellington and works at Positively Wellington Tourism doing a bunch of things including looking after Word on the Street. Some of the blogs are her own and some of them - especially the reviews have been written by one-off reviewers.


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