MONSTERS – MYGALAXI, 5-24 October 2010

MONSTERS – MYGALAXI, 5-24 October 2010.

Held at MYGALAXI (a location deserving of its own blog post), MONSTERS is a fantastic art exhibition to say the least. Instigated by the Run Amuck Collective, MONSTERS is the follow-up to their 2009 exhibition ROBOTS (also held at MYGALAXI, located in the basement of 39 Dixon Street, Wellington).

An exploration of the creatures that hide under your bed, lurk in the shadows and bushes and are supposedly the stuff of nightmares, ancient tales and fireside stories, MONSTERS sees twenty different established artists (including MYGALAXI bossman Arlo Edwards) and a few children, contribute their own sculpted, painted or constructed (in a junkyard collage sense) take on the theme of MONSTERS.

Descending the staircases to the basement which houses MYGALAXI, you are greeted by two rooms of creatures – and shock horror, not all of them are scary or nasty; in fact, some are downright cute. What is the most stunning though is the diversity: Twisted bunny rabbits in pop-out night time settings, miniature service station models overrun by giant bugs, toy box sets containing sheep/bee hybrids, soft toy spiky bubble beasts and more.

If you’re interested in a bit of a review, Run Amuck Collective have their own blog style website, you can view it here. Alternatively, just roll past in the afternoon or early evening – the exhibition is running until the 24th of October. So there is still a few days left to witness the creations.

Ironically though, the scariest moments in this exhibition come via a collection of small shoebox sized environments created by a group of primary school students. I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises there, but I will say this, their work is a profound reminder of how terrifying  ’things that go bump in the night’ can be at an early age.


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Good to see a good unbiased forum for art in Wellington. I would like to put forward my art gallery website
There is a fair bit of Wellington content in thais although it is pitched to an overseas market.

By Jeff Williams, 22 October 2010


Hi Jeff - thanks for this - could you please email me at my address on this page?

By Martyn, 27 October 2010

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