Taking off the Bird Suit – BATS, 24 June 2014

Taking off the Bird Suit – BATS, 24 June 2014.

There were vanishingly few shows featuring women in this year’s Comedy Festival – but as Taking off the Bird Suit aptly demonstrates, this is hardly due to a lack of local talent.

This all-female improv show features a cast of nine very funny women (ten, if you count the show’s creator and director, Christine Brooks – who doesn’t perform, per se, but instead acts as an overseer and facilitator) – all of whom bring different comic gifts to the table, from physical to verbal to musical hilarity. Under Brooks’ guidance, numerous short scenes take shape, helped along by suggestions from the audience.

On opening night, Taking off the Bird Suit jumped between the continuing story of a town besieged by witches, and numerous unconnected scenes, games, stories and songs. In the best improv tradition, the whole group showed enviable willingness to accept offers and follow each other on wild tangents, with results that were always humourous, sometimes bizarre and often hilarious. Their enthusiasm is charming and infectious (there were even a couple of excited fist pumps when certain games were announced or certain audience suggestions were offered).

Of course, improv being what it is, not every single scene reached its full potential – but it’s hard to think of a comedy show which doesn’t have the occasional flat moment. All in all, Taking off the Bird Suit is thoroughly and consistently entertaining and, most importantly, hilarious. One can only hope to see more of this troupe – and perhaps to see them try their hands at other comedic forms as well.

Taking off the Bird Suit (BATS)



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