Movenpick: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice- cream!

Movenpick: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice- cream!.

The second week on the job, and duty calls in the form of checking out the new Movenpick ice-cream shop that has sprung up on the corner of Manners Mall and Victoria Street. I knew this was going to be a tough gig.

I hadn’t heard much about the place since it opened a few weeks ago, so I had no preconceptions of what to expect. What I noticed straight off the bat is that they aren’t just focused on ice-cream here. They offer a standard range of coffees, a selection of premium Movenpick ice-creams, a range of more substantial desserts, and a fantastic array of teas.

As an Englishman with a penchant for Earl Grey I was particularly excited about the tea list. There are all sorts to choose whether you’re after a Rose Earl Grey, Baked Apple and Cinnamon Black Tea, or the excitingly named and intriguing Chinese Gunpowder Special Green Tea.

I’m one of those guys who is prone to panic when confronted with too much choice, so I went in with a mind to try the chocolate – if I know one thing, it’s a good chocolate ice-cream – and was presented with a single scoop of Swiss Chocolate, topped with whipped cream. All I’m going to say is that you can’t really go wrong with that choice. It was rich, and had the perfect ratio of chocolate curls, which made for a great texture.

You might be able to find more outrageous flavours elsewhere, but Movenpick does the classics very well indeed. There’s strawberry, vanilla brownie, raspberry and strawberry, maple walnut, and more besides.

I had a chat with the man who part-owns the franchise, Parant, to find out what he reckoned was the tastiest flavour – if there was a man who’d be qualified to say, surely it’d be him.

“I’d have to go with the Macadamia,” he tells me, “with the chocolate sauce on top. Our waffle cones are made fresh in-store too so it’d have to go in one of those.”

I can vouch for the waffle cones – they leave the broken shards out on the counter for customers to sample. As for the Macadamia you’ll have to try that for yourselves and let me know…I’m allergic to nuts.

Recommended summer flavour? “Passionfruit and mango sorbet,” Parant says. “Perfect for the waterfront on a hot day.”

Hopefully that hot day’s just around the corner.



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