Origami Japanese Restaurant

Origami Japanese Restaurant.

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all not finding it too hard to come back to reality after your Christmas and New Years breaks. This early in the year it’s nice to have something to look forward to and Origami on Kent Terrace is just such a thing.

I went and checked this lovely little Japanese place out the other night, and – as a huge fan of Japanese cuisine – the better half came with me.

I’ve always found menu perusing a bit of a stressful business. I get quite flustered, glance briefly at the menu once and then forget to choose something altogether, or I choose something and then spend the next five minutes second-guessing my choices. My girlfriend, on the other hand, picks what she wants in under a minute and then sits there drumming her fingers on the table and salivating. It’s quite unnerving.

On this occasion I was spared the stress of the looming waitress standing by my elbow and waiting for me to make up my mind, because at Origami you make your selections and go up to the counter to make your orders. It’s nice and relaxing if you’re a bit of a buffoon like myself.

The thing about Origami is that everything is easy and chilled out. The layout of the place is simplistic yet interesting, with fake turf growing up a couple of the walls and chairs that sort of look like origami. There were enough items on the entrée and mains list to be diverse without being overwhelming.

To kick things off we got three entrées to share. We elected to go for the tuna salsa, gyoza and the edamame.

“I don’t like edamame,” I said.

“You’ll like them this time,” came the counter.


“No I won’t. We can’t always get what you want to get, and I don’t like them. What about the prawns? They look great.”

“I want the edamame.”

“We have to compromise sometimes, mate.”

We got the edamame. I wasn’t happy about it, but it was that or World War Three.

When the entrees arrived something even more annoying happened. I found myself loving the bloody edamame. I said nothing, of course. Just munched down those tasty, salty beans with as much dignity as I had left.

PLEASE, if you go to Origami, do you and your tastebuds a favour and get the tuna. Just do it. I’m not lyrical enough to express how tasty those strips of seared delight were in that fresh salsa.

For mains we got the Yakisoba and Tempura Udon noodle dishes and they were both tasty, generously portioned and delivered within ten minutes of the entrees coming out. This was brilliant because it meant that you could really mix it up with what you were eating.

This was a great dining experience, made even better by the price. I had to cart my girlfriend out of there in a wheelbarrow, and our bill came to less than fifty bucks! Origami comes highly recommended if you want a delicious, easy meal, in a relaxed environment, and still want a little money left over to pay off that holiday creditcard bill.



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Is there any disabled access for wheelchairs - think I saw steps?

By Vick, 10 January 2013


Hey Vick,

Yep there sure is, there's a ramp to the left that is hidden by a wall when you walk in. That's how I got the wheelbarrow down

By Joe, 10 January 2013


Yuuuuum so gonna go here! Thanks jo :)

By loz, 10 January 2013

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