Style on the Street

Style on the Street.

Editor’s note: A big welcome to our guest blogger, Amanda. When she’s not selling vintage clothing at the Fringe Market or designing something fabulous, she’s out taking snaps of Wellington’s street style. Take it away, Amanda…

Anniversary weekend came and went and with sun out, camera in hand, I took my people watching eyes to the streets of Wellington to see what I could find.

Cuba Street, the capital of fashion mishmash, reveals an up-to-the-minute demonstration of all things cool. Outfits are structured and accessorized on the fly, revealing designer garments and an appreciation for the gift of thrift - homage to the growing number of vintage stores that can be found in downtown Wellington.

Kelvin wears: shorts from Fusion | bird claw necklace from Emporium
Kelvin’s favourite stores : Emporium | Good as Gold
Lekk wears : thrifted top & skirt | boots from Jeffrey Campbell
necklace from Matchbox Gallery at Left Bank Night Market
Lekk ’s favourite stores : Emporium | Cosmic

Samara wears: dress from Hurricane Jeans | necklace from Service Depot
Shoes from Shoe Connection
Samara ’s favourite stores: Superette | Good as Gold

Brair wears: top from Comrades Army Surplus Store | sunglasses from Wild Pair
ring by Wellington designer Nina Gordon
Briars favourite stores are: Service Depot | Good as Gold

Liam wears: pants from Hallensteins | shoes from Ultra | bag from an attic in Scotland
Liam’s favourite stores: Recycle BoutiqueSpacesuit

Sarah wears: dress from the Salvation Army | boots from ALC
Sarah’s favourite store: Recycle Boutique
James wears: pants from Calico Jacks | boots from Shoe Connection
James’ favourite stores: Calico Jacks | thrifts stores

Editor’s note: If you like what you’ve seen and are keen for more, please let us know in the comments and we just might get Amanda to do some more style stalking for Word on the Street.



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Love this section, glad Wellingtonians are getting the rep they deserve for killer style!

By Renae, 24 January 2013


yes please...more!

By Lee, 24 January 2013


love this!! good spotting Amanda! x

By Renee, 24 January 2013


Would be nice to see some stylish Wellingtonians that are over 25 though?

By Emmi, 24 January 2013


Awesome! so good to see wellington is getting some recognition for there wicked fashion styles. Always something new to be seen walking the city streets and always a pleasure to see. Great pictures Amanda, more please!

By Bethaney, 24 January 2013


Agree Renae Welly=killa style. Keep inspiring us Amanda.

By Tel, 24 January 2013


Nice work, Amanda. I'd like to see more, too! No wonder Welly is now the home of Wearable Art. We live it every day, eh?

By Sarah, 24 January 2013


Great idea! It's true, Cuba Street oozes unique style so fab to capture Wellington's fashionistas in a blog. I'll be following to get a fashion fix :)

By Mishy, 24 January 2013


Love Wellingtons style!.really good job Amanda.....yesss more please:)

By charlotte, 25 January 2013


Yes, love the photos - more please!

By Tania, 25 January 2013


Love Wellingtons style. Keep it coming Amanda

By charlotte, 25 January 2013


Sublime Chick Wellys!...very cool Amanda.

By Karly, 29 January 2013


Love this!! More Wellington street style please :)

By, 2 February 2013


Street style is awesome! Love it. With Wellington fashion week coming up it would be awesome to see what the fashion Jet Set are wearing. :)

By Lydia, 5 February 2013


I am with Emmi, would be good to see stylish Wellingtonians over 25.

By Venise, 6 February 2013


Love it! Agree with Emmi about seeing some Wellingtonians over 25!

By Lisa, 15 February 2013


oldies starting you look pretty slick now day!! mad rep you yous

By keegan, 27 April 2013

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