Style on the Street: Fringe Market

Style on the Street: Fringe Market.

The Fringe Market on the corner of Cuba and Vivian Street is your one-stop for affordable, unique vintage finds and trendy preloved clothing. The surrounding cafes and shops make this intersection a busy congregation spot and a favorite go-to of mine for people watching.

The festive two days that was the Sevens proved no exception, wading through the endless stream of costumes was only half the fun as it seemed even those who weren’t attending had made a conscious effort to get into the dress-up swing of things.

With a combination of fantastic weather and infectious Sevens revelries, Wellingtonian’s were a high spirited bunch indeed.

Liz wears: dress from Recycle Boutique | bag from Salvation Army | shoes from Fringe Market
Liz is an exclusive thrifter, who only ever buys second hand.  Favourites are:
Hunters and Collectors | Salvation Army | St. Vinnies

William wears: shirt from Salvation Army | shoes from Mischief |
glasses from Left Bank Night Market
William’s favourite stores: Hurricane Jeans | Gold As Gold

Ginny wears: hat from Ziggurat | dress from Glassons
Ginny’s favourite stores: Madame Fancy Pants | Superette

Sophie wears: dress from Glassons | shoes from Shoe Connection
Sophie’s favourite stores: Karen Walker | Glassons

Hae-In wears:  blouse from Fringe Market | jeans from Amazon
Hae-In’s favourite stores: Jetset Bohemian | Fringe Market



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I think this is great! It reminds me of the guy in New York who takes photos of street fashion, Bill someone. The photos are great and I love the clothes! Keep up the great work.

By Verity, 7 February 2013


^ its Bill Cunningham :)

By steph, 20 February 2013

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