Style on the Street: this old thing

Style on the Street: this old thing.

Homegrown, Wellington’s annual sell-out music festival, saw a massive influx of under 25s to the capital. Among them were many first year uni students acquainting themselves with Welly street life.

Tanned, toned and sporting evidence of the summer that was, the typical ensemble consists mostly of denim shorts that just keep getting shorter, tank tops & white converse sneakers. Luckily for me it makes those who are busy perfecting an air of original swagger easier to pick.

Some of the ever fashion savvy people look like they fall out of bed every morning looking this good, but I can assure you that next level fashion mystique doesn’t just happen.

As effortless as these girls appear, it takes a bright morning star to master the balance of chic practical and fashion directional while maintaining an air of “this old thing? Oh I just chucked it on.”

Emily wears: boots from Trash Palace | dress inherited from a family friend

Emily’s favourite stores: Jetset Bohemian | Ziggurat

Kimre wears dress by Valley Girl

Dejane wears outfit from Recycle Boutique

Their favorite stores: Ultra | Dotti | Gold As Gold

Latisha wears: shoes and skirt from Missy’s Room

Latisha’s favorite store: Rex Royale

Kate wears: jeans from Fusion | boots from Trade Me | top from St. Vinnies in Newtown

Kate’s favourite store: Hunters & Collectors

Vicky wears: bracelet by Kate Sylvester | sunglasses by Karen Walker

bustier by Lara Parker | skirt from Ziggurat | shoes from Ultra

Vicky’s favourite stores: Karen Walker | Kate Sylvester



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After 10 years in Auckland, confronted daily by false nails, concrete hair styles and cookie-cutter couture, Wellington is a much needed breath of fresh air. The passion here for recycling impresses me no end (go you green things). One thing I've noticed however, is that the shots on the street of stylish folk seem to exclude some of the many fabulous, colourful, zany, stylish and unique 'mature' models ... is there only young people in this town???

By Adele Bentley, 7 March 2013


Don'cha know that "mature" people are invisible, no matter how colourful or zany.

By Daphne, 7 March 2013


what she said... there are heapsa individual/original women of all ages in Welly

By Tel, 7 March 2013


Lovely ladies, I absolutely agree we need more stylish 'mature' women on these pages, we know they're out there, tracking them down is another matter entirely. As most women will agree, age is a sensitive topic that thankfully only a cold hard birth certificate can ever truly confirm. I must say say in all honesty and in my ongoing experiences women these days just look younger. This week's entry was definitely an ode to the under 25's otherwise known as them gorgeous first year students.. (no offence to the mature student, I know you're out there also!). In recent posts there have been quite a few over 30's but I appreciate there is a 45+ audience that also needs some love & attention. So, to reassure you my eyes are forever peeled.

By Amanda, 8 March 2013


we're out here folks

By Tez, 3 October 2013

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