Vintage Heaven – New Kid on the Block

Vintage Heaven – New Kid on the Block.

Three weeks ago, on the way back from the supermarket, my eye was caught by a shop sign that I’d never seen before: Vintage Heaven. I was intrigued, and the other day I finally got a chance to take a turn inside.

First things first, ladies and gentlemen, Vintage Heaven is not vintage in the way that I was expecting. The clothing and accessories are all vintage and retro inspired, rather than pre-loved second-hand pieces. Obviously, this means that you won’t be paying twelve bucks for a dress, but it does mean that there is a range of sizes to choose from. So, ladies, if you do find a frock that you just must have, darling, then you’re not going to have to cross your fingers when you head to the changing room.

Here’s another thing, and this is for the fellas. Guys, this is mostly a chick’s shop. Yes, there are short shirts available, the sort that were made famous by Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men, and cufflinks, but that’s about it for the moment.

Fortunately, I was saved the awkward enter, walk once around a predominantly womens’ store and then leave again, thanks to my partner having come along with me. She seemed to have a whale of a time, once again touching and fondling most of the items on the racks. She loved the bold cherry prints on the Bernie Dexter dresses, the florally Heartbreaker frocks and the Bohemia satchels.

I have to agree (and not just because I have to agree.) I mean, what I know about dresses you could write on the back of a stamp, but the 50’s and 60’s inspired frocks at Vintage Heaven conjured up Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction for me – except with less heroin overdosing and more frolicking around Oriental Parade. The cuts are classic, the patterns simple and bright and bold, and I can definitely see more than a few sassy ladies rocking them out this summer, complete with the dramatic Uma Thurman bob and bright red lipstick. I hope so anyway.

I mention to Kate McCully, the owner and proprietor, that it’s a great space, comparable to the layouts in Superette and Karen Walker, only airier and with more room to break into a spontaneous twist – if that’s your thing.

“It is a great space,” she agrees, “and it’ll be even better once all the little finishing touches have been made, and when we’ve got all the rest of our Spring stock in.”

She tells me that she was slightly worried when the store first opened that they were so far removed from the bustle of Cuba Street. “But people don’t mind the walk,” she tells me. And Vintage Heaven is very much worth the walk.

If you’re looking to bring a little bit of the swingin’ sixties back into your life, I would definitely recommend strolling down to 253 Wakefield Street. You might walk away with your very own slice of Vintage Heaven.

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We're lucky to already have Vintage Heaven in Nelson! A very cool store & live the retro designs. Very unique!

By Cathy, 1 November 2012

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