Visiting Capital Market

Visiting Capital Market.

In this week’s episode of ‘Greta goes shopping’ I pottered on down to the brand new Capital Market.

The whole idea of the market is that it is permanent (not like those pesky ones that are only open on Sunday morning when I didn’t even realise the world existed) and I was excited to see how awesome the stalls were. And although not every stall has been filled yet, there is still a wide variety of quality wares. From teddy bears to lingerie, vintage board games to necklaces that look like candy, as well as actual candy and endless racks of beautiful clothing.

I really mucked up by going three days before payday when all I had in my bank account was an overdraft, but I eyed up plenty of things to go back for (no knick knack left behind!!).  Luckily, after days of deliberation, I have managed to whittle my planned purchases down to just a cropped, spotty tee from the ‘Catwalk Vintage’ stall and one of the candy lookin’ necklaces from ‘Pony Lane’.

Also, I know I keep prattling on about it, but Christmas just keeps on coming and I must say that the market is an ideal spot for some quick Christmas shopping. Pick up a teddy for little Oscar, a Vintage board game for Pop and a crystal bracelet for Aunt Sue and voila, the whole bonanza is over and done with!

The market opened just a few weeks ago and is not yet fully complete but is definitely worth checking out. Open Tuesday through to Saturday, you can access the market at 151 Willis Street, or from Edward Street, the alleyway that Meow, Little Beer Quarter and Vivo wine bar live on.


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Such a nice article. My mum has just opened a shop there her one is called La Vicci. Has lots of cute vintage clothes.

By michelle oakey, 5 December 2013


Brilliant thanks, now I know where to go on my shopping trip across the salty water!

By Barbara Lawson, 6 December 2013

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